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The Jack Snack Combo Pack!

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What's in the box?

Try out the India's first Jackfruit Nugget & Samosas in one combo pack, for a too-good-to-be-true price of  ₹420 only! Discover the naturally meaty texture of jackfruit in a formats that will change the way you snack. 

Every combo box contains 1 box of nuggets (250g, 12 pcs) and 1 box of samosas (250g, 12 pcs) so all things considered that is 24 units of frozen jackfruit goodness for the sweet price of ₹420 only! 

Storage & Shelf Life

Nuggets & Samosas: Keep frozen to ensure maximum shelf life. Product shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

Delivery Information

Free deliveries all over Mumbai & Bengaluru. Orders placed before 3pm are usually delivered on the same day.



  • Jackfruit Nuggets: Retorted Jackfruit (31.2%), Predust & Batter Mix, Thickener (INS 415), Bread Crumbs, Edible Vegetable Oil, Vegetable Protein mix, (12%), Seasoning (Mixed Spices, Flavour Enhancers (INS 627, INS 631) Flavouring Substances (Nature & Nature Identical), Yeast Extract.
  • Jackfruit Samosas: Filling (60%) [Retorted Jackfruit (30%), Culinary Sauce (25%), Seasonings (5%)], Coating (40%)[Refined Wheat Flour, Water, Rice Flour, Refined Sunflower Oil, Mixed Spices)]


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Jack, I love you ❤️

Jackfruit in a nugget form? Yes please!!!!
This is such a great snack for vegan/ non meat eaters that even a carnivore like me has loved it to bits and how. Perfect texture, brilliant taste and cripinesssssss to the max is what makes this snack a best one out there. Loved it ❤️
I want more flavours in samosas though. Hoping to grab cheesy samosas soon. Till then I love you, Jack ( in all forms) 🙌

Great solution for hosting

This is the perfect snack for when you have people over, it cooks really well in the air fryer and jackfruit is a more unique ingredient than you standard soya based plant based meat products. The pricing is also a lot more palatable, on average 200 rupees for 12 pieces is pretty good! This is great, great party hack.

Rushabh Khinvasara
A must try!

Perfect appetizers to float around when you are hosting a last minute soiree. They are bite size, quick & easy to make, and guilt free! The samosas especially were a hit at mine. They are vegan but taste just like regular kheema samosas. I'd say even better!
Definitely ordering again.

Dayan Concessao
The very best in the plant-based space!

I've tried several nuggets and samosas in the plant-based space and I can confirm these are damn good. Truly the 'Jack of all trades and master of samosa and nuggets :)'

Loved the snack combination!

The samosas are super flavourful and delicious. The wrapper is thin and not doughy at all. The nugget are a perfect snack! The best thing is how easy and quick they are to cook!