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The Original Jackfruit

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79.6 calories (per 100g) • 250g, serves 2 • Preservatives-free • High in Fibre

With a naturally meaty texture, raw jack finds its way into any recipe that calls for some meaty goodness. We process the jackfruit when its raw, completely avoiding the sweet, sticky taste and texture. The jackfruit in this form has mild taste, solid consistency and is also very low in calories. Like really, really low. Like, 80 calories per 100 grams low. Perfect for those on a calorie deficit diet!

This packet contains 250 grams of raw, shredded, ready to cook jackfruit.

- Naturally fat free

- Naturally meaty yet 100% plant based

- Low in Calories (52 kcal/100g)

- High Fiber

- Gluten-Free

Raw jackfruit, Salt, Water

Saute the raw jackfruit in a pan with 1 tbsp oil to achieve caramelization or crispness. You can then use these raw jackfruit shreds the same way you would use shredded meat! Add it to pizzas, pastas, kheemas, tacos, curries.. the possibilities are endless!

Q: How long is the shelf life?
A: The shelf life of the raw jackfruit is up to 1 year from the date of manufacturing

Q: Does it require refrigeration?
A: No, it does not require refrigeration if unopened. Once opened, it needs to be stored in the fridge.

Q: Do we add preservatives to the jackfruit to get this long shelf life?
A: No, we don't use any preservatives or anything artificial. We get this long a shelf life from the packaging process we use for our jackfruit i.e retorting.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tastes delicious!

Super easy to prepare and is a good replacement for meat in almost all dishes! Love the consistency and taste, will be taking a lot more

Loved it, tastes so fresh!

I love Jackfruit, especially the texture, but its so difficult to clean and also not available where I live. Bought 1 pack to try- and love how fresh it feels. I don't consume packaged/ processed foods because they're packed with preservatives/ chemicals- but I saw that the ingredients of this product are natural, and you really taste it. Will be buying regularly, thanks better.

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