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Jackfruit Kheema Samosas

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Meet the world's first-ever Jackfruit Samosa.

If you're wondering if the world needs yet another stuffing for samosa, hold onto those thoughts till you try this samosa. Tender, shredded, kheema-flavoured jackfruit encased in the most scrumptious crispy golden crust.

All this, while being 100% vegan AND without soy, so none of the all-too-familiar bitter soy aftertaste either. As we like to say, why make it just like kheema when jackfruit can taste this good?


Every individual pack contains 12 samosas (250g) 


Keep frozen at -18C. King Jack likes to stay cool.


Delivering only in Mumbai (for now). Deliveries usually happen between 12-36 hours post ordering. If you would like us to deliver in your city, write to us on Instagram and we will get on it before you can say 'India's first tender jackfruit nuggets'. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
simply stunning

Nothing else to say. you are missing out if you don't buy this.

great texture but flavour is little bland

ended up having with bbq sauce which really changed up the game

Just like chicken but better!

Wasn't too hard for me to go vegetarian but the one thing I missed was deep-friend chicken treats. These hit the spot. They're fairly meaty and texture and gives me the same vibe as chicken. Versatile as well and will go with a number of dips.

Imagine these would be kid-friendly too!

Seriously Addictive

Recently bought an airfryer and these have been a STAPLE snack all week. They're ready in just 10 minutes and are so delicious, it's easy to east 5-7 in one sitting. Great party snacks and go really well with cold beers and cocktails. Filling is juicy and tasty and they don't even need a dip because of how flavourful they are.

I'm very hesitant about jackfruit-based snacks as it's not a staple vegetable in my household but these completely changed my mind.

On my third box!

Words are not enough

To describe how tremendously good this samosa is. I used to buy shredded jackfruit regularly from these guys but I feel like they've simply outdone themselves with these new products, especially the samosas. Can't believe how good they taste 😭