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Jackfruit Chettinad

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This box contains 250g of tender jackfruit shreds along with a robustly flavoured Chettinad gravy mix. The distinct notes of plump peppercorn are accented by the subtle sweetness of star-anise, citrusy coriander seeds, earthy black cardamom and warm bay-leaf, all tied together in a richly flavoured gravy mix put together by our favourite new ready to cook gravies brand, CURRYiT.

Our jackfruit shreds work stunningly well with this pepper-forward, deep brown hued curry that is synonymous with South Indian cuisine once you go beyond Udipi food.

Pairs best with steaming hot rice or dosas/appams for a lavish Sunday afternoon lunch.

How difficult is it to cook? We'll let these gentlemen answer it for you.


  • Gluten Free

    Gluten Free

  • Vegan


  • Cooks in 5 mins

    Cooks in 5 mins

  • Low in Calories

    Low in Calories

  • No added Preservatives

    No added Preservatives

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Devanshi Gala
My go-to meal

Never knew jackfruit could be so good and filling yet light on the stomach! Love this recipes and love jackfruit !

10 on 10

Perfect masala and Jack was tender and soft!

Dhanesh dave

Authentic Desi Indian product with Indian spices makes this jackfruit recipe most delicious. Love to have this, mostly recommended product. The real taste of juicy jackfruit at minimum cost.

Great stuff with one small issue

The peppers are just way too spicy. Could be toned down a notch. Otherwise a pretty great meal to eat with rice.

Dhanesh dave
Good alternative for meat.

I don't think India has any mock-meat products that taste exactly like meat but this comes close in terms of texture. If the masala is prepared well, then the curry turns out decently and goes well with chapati or naan. Personally, I wouldn't prefer regular rice, maybe biryani style will be good, will definitely try again.

  • "A brand to definitely add to your grocery wish-list"

  • "Eat With Better reimagines the jackfruit"

  • "We will be experimenting a lot more with this jack"

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