Frequently Asked Questions

Why are better. products available only in Mumbai and Pune?

Our range of Spreads & Tofu requires a cold supply chain, since we're keeping things all-natural and not using any preservatives. Our production unit is located in Pune, and we have a fulfilment center in Mumbai, which allows us to service stores and customers across these two cities.

Now, we don't want to be pincode-elitists and service only these two cities — as a brand setting out to create change, we do believe that impact happens at scale.

Our goal is to be available wherever buyers want us to be available, but setting up robust and sustainable logistics solutions in a country like India takes time and a LOT of trial and error.

But rest assured, we're on it.

Why do we use PET jars to pack our Spreads?

Even among FAQs, this is the most frequently asked question. 'How can you call yourselves sustainable if you use plastic jars? Aren't you just solving one problem by creating another?'
Honestly, no.

The decision to go with PET jars instead of glass is a very deliberate and well thought out one that comes after a lot of fact finding, soul searching, and of course trial and error.

We use food grade PET jars that can be reused endlessly, the same way you would reuse a glass jar. If the burst of colour on our labels is too much to store nuts, bolts and herbs, you can peel off the sticker easily without leaving any pesky fuzz on the jar and reuse as you please.

If you must throw the jar away, be mindful of taking the sticker off as that's the only way to ensure it gets recycled. And as long as it's unsoiled and unlabeled, recycled it will be, as plastic has a buyback value of around Rs. 15/kg as opposed to glass which goes back at only about Rs 1/kg.

We'd be economical with the truth if we said there wasn't a business-led motivation in there as well — because there is.
From our early trials we noticed that glass jars sometimes break during transportation and soil the entire carton, which means it's unfit for sale and therefore goes directly to the landfill sans detour.
Plastic on the other hand is highly unbreakable, which leads to negligible wastage or losses during shipping and handling.

How do I eat the Spreads?

Our spreads are the Lotharios of the packaged food world.

There isn't an accompaniment they don't go well with. Or an eating-occasion they don't make better.
Breakfast? Crusty bread schmeared with Spread.
Snack? Make that high-protein snacking by pairing the Spreads with our newly launched Chickpea Crisps.
Quick-fix dinner: Swirl into a salad or stir into just-boiled pasta.
The possibilities are endless.
That being said, some spreads pair better with certain things — check out our product pages/ IG highlights & posts to find pairings that work best.

What is the shelf-life of the Spreads?

The Spreads last for 30 days from the manufacturing date printed on the pack, and for 8 days after opening.

Why do the Spreads last only for 8 days once opened?

Being an all-natural brand means we use no preservatives. Which means once you unscrew the lid and peel off the foil, the product is exposed to oxygen and the spoilage starts.
Everyone loves oxygen, even the little invisible bacteria that are naturally present in most foods.
To make sure they don't become the nasty sort of bacteria, we suggest consuming the product within 8 days from opening.

What do you mean by all natural?

Smiles, preservatives or colours — we hate it when these special things are fake or artificial. And so, we decided to keep things natch.
We're using real ingredients, grown in nature, not made in labs. Ingredients that don't read like an alphanumeric code or need Google to be deciphered. We minimally process the ingredients to let their true colours shine through. Literally.

Why may you have received a spoilt product?

Our aim is to make a product that is as robust as possible but sometimes products spoil due to incorrect storage and/or transportation.
Despite all precautions, if you do receive a spoilt product, please let us know and we will get you a replacement.