The philosophy behind better.

  • Keertida

    From teaching Spanish since she was 18 (¡Hola!), to doing beauty marketing with L’Oréal in France and India, then traveling halfway across the globe to train as a vegan chef in New York and returning to launch a restaurant in Pune- it has been a delectable journey of detours to the world of entrepreneurship!

    Proud of having trekked Machu Picchu with no training. Yup, winged it and won it.

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  • Karan

    Karan is a social impact professional with a Masters in Sustainable Development from HEC Paris. He has worked at a range of organisations - a government agency, and an international non-profit. He got bitten by the entrepreneurship bug when he worked at Airbnb and then he eventually set out to start better.

    Proud of never having lost a Roger Federer quiz (yup, it's an obsession)

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  • 1. The Genesis

    A book about eating animals. Which also happens to be the name of the book. Link for those interested to know more!

  • 2. The Epiphany

    A book that made Karan wonder why our food system is so exploitative and destructive to animals, to the planet and most of all to the consumer. This gets Karan thinking about how food can be made more sustainable and wholesome.

  • 3. The Talent

    Meanwhile, Keertida is working hard at the world's first plant based culinary school on how to make sustainable food taste delicious and make it people's default option, and not just something to buy for the first 15 days of January.

  • 4. The Result

    Unknown to each other at this point but bought together by the power of social media in early 2019, they join forces to create Eat With Better.

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  • Healthy

    We aim to create food that goes beyond constrained calorie-considerations (that's so 90S) to make food that nourishes both body and soul (yup, we're millenials).

  • Natural

    Meaning our recipes use ingredients from nature, not labs. We celebrate real colours and real flavours - not artificial extracts, strains and substrates.

  • Plant-based

    meaning nothing we make will ever comes from animals. All-plants, always. No, not just because Shahid Kapoor made it trendy.

  • Sustainable

    focused on conscious consumption, local sourcing, reduce-reuse-recycle and carbon-emissions reducing action that are better for the earth

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