5 ways to make the most of the lockdown

5 ways to make the most of the lockdown

The lockdown is here and it’s here to stay. And let’s face it, the honeymoon period of making coffee and the promise of new Netflix shows has long dwindled. 

Worry not- we, at better. have collated a list of things to do that might help make your lockdown, well, better.

1. Go on a drive anywhere in the world

Brought to you fresh off of TikTok recommendations, if you have forgotten what the world outside your house looks like, log onto the drive and listen website to listen to music while driving through cities around the world.

Pandemic induced nostalgia made Turkish graduate student Erkam Şeker create this soothing experience. You can choose from over 50 cities to take a virtual drive in- from Beijing to Barcelona, listen to real-time local radio, control the speed of your vehicle and even turn the street noise on or off.

We particularly love two destinations on either ends of the Pacific Ocean - Tokyo and Honolulu.

Drive and Listen
image via driveandlisten.herokuapp.com

2. Declutter & Donate

If you wish to hop onto the minimalism bandwagon, or simply clear up some space from your home (and head) without filling yet another landfill, we recommend donating old books, clothes, toys, linen and even electronics. NGOs, orphanages, old age homes and shelters near you are just one google search away. Pro tip- when you know the stuff you’re getting rid of will be able to be used and appreciated by someone else who really needs it, it makes letting go a lot easier! Things that are unfit for donations can be sent for recycling to dedicated centres in your city.


Declutter and Donateimage via unsplash.com 

3. Digital Housekeeping

This is one of those things you don’t know you needed till you do it.

“A digital declutter is an audit of your entire digital life, followed by removing or reorganising everything into a simpler, more secure, and more backed up system”- Elaine Meyer for Doist.

This blogpost is being written on a decluttered 9 year old MacBook that functions as smoothly as a 2 year old laptop. Going by my personal experience, the key is to have at least 30% free space at any given time!

Organising passwords, photos, music, work files; updating your operating system and backing up important documents will give you mental peace like no other. Find a step by step guide here. Not gonna lie, definitely helps if you are already an organization freak.

Digital Declutterimage via pixabay.com 

4. Build a terrarium

For those of you who don’t have space (or courage) to be able to dive into gardening just yet, starting with a terrarium at home is the perfect baby step. You can not only control the growing environment but also get creative with (miniature) decorative landscaping.
  • Pick a container of your choice (plastic or glass). It could be an old vase, jar or any container lying around the house.
  • Choose plants that thrives in terrariums, and make sure their requirements match your space’s sunlight and humidity conditions. Activated charcoal to keep the container fresh can be found from any nursery.
  • Find the right soil for the plants you pick and read up on the subsequent maintenance needed.

You may cut to the chase by buying a fully equipped DIY terrarium kit here, or follow this detailed guide. It’s a therapeutic, low maintenance activity that makes for great home decor while finally finding some good use for all those mason jars you probably have hoarded up at home.


Terrarium at homeimage via thepracticalplanter.com 

5. Bake your own sourdough bread

Besides being an excellent base to better. spreads, sourdough’s unique tangy flavour, chewy consistency and crackly crust will leave you asking for more. Its a good thing then that it’s so easy to make- with no commercial yeast, kneading or bread machine required!
You can get started by making, buying or borrowing the sourdough starter, which needs to be fed regularly with flour and water. Once ready, a portion of the starter can be used to make bread and the remaining can be saved for future baking (being fed at regular intervals).
Find a beginner’s guide to sourdough here.
Sourdough bread at home
image via kingarthurbaking.com
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