Jack Vindaloo Sloppy Joe

Jack Vindaloo Sloppy Joe

Presenting, the jackfruit vindaloo burger/sloppy joe/slider! Whatever may tickle your fancy. 100% plant based, clean label and ready to cook. You can either read the boring recipe instruction below, or watch this tastefully made video on how to make a jackfruit vindaloo burger at home! 

What you need
1 pack of Vindaloo Jackfruit - available on yours truly!
2 Burger Buns (Gluten free to complete the holy triad of fads - clean label, vegan and gluten free)

Butter (vegan or otherwise)
Cheese slice (Vegan/ Regular)
Lettuce leaves (Definitely vegan)
Tomato slices
Onion, cut into rings

1. Let's begin by making the Vindaloo Jackfruit

1/ Add Vindaloo paste & 1 tbsp water to a pan.

2/ Stir to combine, add jackfruit shreds and turn on flame

3/ Sauté on medium heat till sizzling hot, about 5 mins

2. Time to assemble the burger!

Slice burger buns into haves, butter and toast them.

Now, assemble with all/ any of the Fillings as  desired!

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